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The Bike-Tailoring Process

Proprietary Fitting Process
& Design Capabilities.

We believe that all riders, whether hobbyists or elite professionals, should have a bike that fits them 100% at a highly attractive price.

We are the "Bike-Tailors" meaning that we find the best bike geometry based on the rider's limitations, strengths, and requests. Our process is also part of the experience of working with CS|Cycling-Sport. Every detail is addressed, may it be a custom paint job, a unique component specification, or an old injury that needs to be considered in the frame's geometry allowing you to ride comfortably and as fast as you would like.
So you don't get just a bike, but YOUR BIKE - one-of-a-kind, according to your wishes.

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Component Details
Component Details

Component Details

Upgrades & Custom Product Lines

The choice and possible combinations of components, wheelsets and finishing kits for a custom bike can seem endless, and for some, a daunting process. With our in depth knowledge we‘ll guide you towards your dream bike and to simplify some of the decisions we've put together some of the most popular options in upgrade packages. Using our direct supply chain we can offer very competitive pricing on these parts.

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