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Who are the Bike-Tailors ?


Who are the Bike-Tailors ?

The CS Story

CS|Cycilng-Sport started small in the basement of a house in Moosach, Germany, a small village near Munich. Driven by his long-standing passion for cycling and the technology behind road bikes and mountain bikes, one of our shareholders created his bike. Starting with a design to sourcing custom frames, wheelsets, and other components he built his dream bike. Over the years, he developed a strong network of suppliers of the highest quality parts, gain knowledge of designing, fitting, and building bikes that meet the highest standards. His idea was to build bikes that are unparalleled in quality, design, and performance and are unbeatable in price. As a result, more and more friends and acquaintances wanted custom bikes for both competitive and recreational fun, so several bikes were built and our product line slowly took shape. In August 2021, Cycling Sport GmbH was founded with the goal of making the best custom bikes available to all cycling enthusiasts.

The CS difference


We are convinced that maximum performance and riding enjoyment can only be achieved through tailor-made bikes. Therefore, the goal of the "Bike-Tailors" is to design unique bikes according to your wishes and needs, so that they fit you 100%. And of course at an unbeatable price.

Attention to detail - Made in Germany

We pay attention to the details. Not only do we make bikes that work, but also exceed our customers' expectations. Our design studio is located in Moosach, Germany. We are not a large manufacturing company producing hundreds of thousands of bikes per year but focus on each individual bike. We expect to meet the exact needs of our riders, with the greatest ride quality possible.

Experience and passion - It's not just about the right size.

Leave it to the pros. You don't have to spend countless hours searching for the right frame, components, or wheels. Instead, CS would rather see you spending your time riding. We have countless hours of research & development, experience, and have designed a custom build system that ensures you get YOUR BIKE, not just a bike.

Ride custom - pay "off-the-rack"

We don't work with dealers or retail stores, so we can offer very attractive prices. When you choose CS|Cycling-Sport, you work directly with our team of experts. Individualized and custom doesn't always mean expensive.